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Some of these wines are produced in very small quantities, we try hard to keep the webshop up-to-date.  Click on the wine's name to get more information about the wine, or just add to cart if you just want to order some.


  • 2016 Sauvignon Blanc Photo
    2016 Sauvignon Blanc

    Our Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from the Lebetter Family in the Russian River Valley Appellation and from the Bella Vista Vineyard in Lake County. About 30% of the blend is barrel-fermented. Our style bridges Europe and New Zealand-style Sauvignon blancs, it strikes a balance point we'd like to think is unique, showcasing a medium body and lush fruitiness wrapped in a soft minerality and long, dry finish.

  • 2015 Chardonnay - Rochioli Vineyard Photo
    2015 Chardonnay - Rochioli Vineyard
  • Multi Vintage Sparkling Brut Photo
    Multi Vintage Sparkling Brut
    Our Classic Multi-Vintage Brut made entirely from Russian River Valley Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.
  • Multi Vintage Sparkling Brut Rose Photo
    Multi Vintage Sparkling Brut Rose

    A Brut Rose made to rival the best anywhere. Made in the classic champagne methode.

  • 2014 Pinot Noir RRV Photo
    2014 Pinot Noir RRV

    Sourced from great Russian River Valley Vineyards, this is not one of those modern over-oaked juice bombs with residual sweetness.  We choose to pick our fruit when acid levels are still in balance with good flavors, well before any overcooked characters show up.  This Pinot "sings on the palate" it delivers wave after wave of great flavors and aromas and finishes with a pleasant acidity that makes it age well.

    92 Points Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide

    KSRH - Rocking Red of Summer (Ziggy the wine gal)

  • 2015 Point Break Blend Photo
    2015 Point Break Blend
  • 2014 Malbec - Mystos Photo
    2014 Malbec - Mystos

    What started as a special wine for our wine club members has slowly blossomed to one of the more sought-after wines we make.  Lush with blueberry and spice an graced with a great backbone.  One of few varietal malbecs produced in California.

  • 2014 Merlot - Dakine Vineyard Photo
    2014 Merlot - Dakine Vineyard

    From our Estate (DaKine) vineyard - a field blend of Merlot (87%) and Malbec (13%) this wine is a perfect companion for a simply-prepared fillet mignon steak and expresses the great provenance of this older vineyard.  We love giving a taste of this wine to visitors who say "I don't drink Merlot"......

  • 2013 Syrah - RRV Photo
    2013 Syrah - RRV

    This is the current bottling of our inogural wine, what cool region Syrah is all about.  Complex, layered with medium intensity fruit charcter, light earthy notes and a long finish with moderate acidity.  We think this is what "umami" means in wine-speak.


    91 Points - Wine Enthusiast - June 2017 Issue

  • 2013 Syrah - Ledbetter Photo
    2013 Syrah - Ledbetter

    This single-vineyard hillside Syrah is only produced in great years, this is one of them!

    92 points -  Wine Spectator

  • 2014 Syrah - Goosechase Photo
    2014 Syrah - Goosechase
  • 2013 Syrah - Savage Coast Photo
    2013 Syrah - Savage Coast

    Born from a cellar mistake, this blend of two of our best vineyards is simply the best example of what cool-weather Syrah should taste like.  Very limited production, new release!

    91 Points - Wine Enthisiast Buying Guide

  • 2014 Syrah - Dakine Vineyard Photo
    2014 Syrah - Dakine Vineyard

    From our estate vineyard.   A field blend with mainly syrah and small amounts of Petit Sirah (Durif), Grenach, Malbec, Carignane and Zinfandel.  One to dring and to age!


    90 Points - Connoiseurs Guide to California wine

  • 2014  Syrah Savage Coast Photo
    2014 Syrah Savage Coast

    A blend of two of our favorite vineyards. showing how classy Syrah can be! Born from a cellar mistake and now a wine club and staff favorite!

  • 2011 Late harvest Semillon Photo
    2011 Late harvest Semillon
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