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General inquiries
Longboard Vineyards
Phone: (707) 433-3473
Winemaker & Owner:  Oded Shakked
Phone: (707) 433-3473
Tasting Room, Wine Club & Hospitality
Jody Cooke      Email:
Phone: (707) 433-3473

Events and Marketing
Heidi Dittloff      Email:
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Longboard Vineyards is proud to be a small family business entering it’s 24th year of operation.  We try hard to work in a sane, responsible manner; donating back to the community that supports us is part of our culture. Longboard Vineyards has donated more than $150,000 in funds and products to support local food banks, scholarships, farm-worker charities, environmental protection and preservation charities and surf-related causes and organizations.

We appreciate those that consider us for charitable and fundraising efforts. The volume of donation requests we receive is high, on average about 2 or 3 per week, and there is no way we can accommodate or even respond to all. We typically give preference to local community-based programs that support and strengthen where we live and work in Sonoma County and to global Ocean and Surf - related causes.  We will review your request carefully and someone will contact you if we can accommodate it.

A few guidelines:

  • We do not purchase advertising space;
  • We do not golf;
  • Do your homework first, please do not ask us for wine if you do not have a permit to serve it;
  • Please be respectful and plan well ahead of time, we never accommodate last-minute requests.
  • Please do not take it personally if we pass.  Our resources are limited.