Current Wines

Some of these wines are produced in very small quantities, we try hard to keep the webshop up-to-date.  Click on the wine's name to get more information about the wine, or just add the number of bottles you want to your cart if you are already familiar with it.


  • 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Photo
    2020 Sauvignon Blanc

    The wine we love to have on a leisurley springtime lunch, a picnic at the beach or now that we think about it... anywhere we encounter good company!


    A balanced style showing fruit, wet stone minerality and great length.

  • 2019 Chardonnay - Rochioli Vineyard Photo
    2019 Chardonnay - Rochioli Vineyard

    For those of us who dislike big buttery Chardonnays but want something better than a tank fermented simple wine.  This comes from the legendary Rochioli Family Vineyard, 100% clone 76, totally au-naturale , fermented by our "Resident" yeast.


    Layered, complex and leaving your refreshed palate with a sense of: "more please..."

  • 2020 Watergirl Rose Photo
    2020 Watergirl Rose

    Our Grenache / Carignan / Syrah dry rose is a salute to the amazing women who are accomplished watergirls and teach us all that passion, commitment and abilities are genderless.  This wine is lively, layered with floral and berry character, it finishes with a tasty minerality that makes you feel like you have been kissed by the last rays of afternoon sunshine after a swim in tropical waters.

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  • MV Brut - Methode Champenoise Photo
    MV Brut - Methode Champenoise

    A classic methode champenoise brut made to push the envelope.Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley were fermented in old oak barrels before the cuvee was blended and bottle aged. Finished dry with our proprietary dosage.

  • MV Brut Rosé Methode Champenoise Photo
    MV Brut Rosé Methode Champenoise
    A Brut Rose made to rival the best anywhere. Made in the classic champagne methode.
  • Late Disgorged Brut
    Late Disgorged Brut "Z"
    Possible the ultimate in methode champenoise. A Brut aged 4.5 years on the yeast lees and disgorged without any sugar addition in the dosage. "Z" is a Zero that delivers!
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  • 2019 Pinot Noir - RRV Photo
    2019 Pinot Noir - RRV

    A blend of old world and new world clones, this Pinot Noir is about balance and refinement. We believe that the unique quality of great Pinot is the ability to deliver a layered and complex wine while maintaining elegance and finesses. Bottled unfined and unfiltered so a slight sediment is normal once aged.



  • 2018 Pinot Noir MYSTOS Photo
    2018 Pinot Noir MYSTOS
    Pinot Noir from the Famous Rochioli Vineyard Estate. All "au naturel" beauty - as usual!
  • 2018 Pinot Noir Mer Sauvage Photo
    2018 Pinot Noir Mer Sauvage
    A Pinot Noir made exclusvely in our "Mer Sauvage" barrels. A dash of minerality and a sense of place added to the lush Russian River Valley character.
  • 2018 Point Break Red Blend Photo
    2018 Point Break Red Blend

    Point Break is our regional red-blend, we select individual barrels of Syrah, Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignan to weave a layered wine with a soft entry and lush middle.  This wine, therefore, is not typical to a certain variety; it showcases the beauty and breath of flavors coming from our diverse region.

  • 2018 Malbec - Dakine Vyd Photo
    2018 Malbec - Dakine Vyd
  • 2018 Merlot - Dakine Vineyard Photo
    2018 Merlot - Dakine Vineyard

    This Merlot is grown in our Estate Vineyard in Healdsburg from vines planted in 1985.  The cuttings came from the world-famous Three Palms Vineyard in Napa and we are commited to nurture them and honor their provenance by producing a classical Merlot. This wine is like your best friend, never flashy - but always there to cheer you up.

  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon - Mavericks Photo
    2018 Cabernet Sauvignon - Mavericks

    Our Crown Jewel Cabernet, only produced on great years.  This wine hails from a vineyard Oded oplanted for a friend in 1999, it is planted on a eritage rootstock (Saint George) that results in very small berry size and thus a high skin to juice ratio.  One taste and you know you have arrived!

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  • 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon - Rhino Chaser Photo
    2018 Cabernet Sauvignon - Rhino Chaser

    Our hillside Cabernet-Sauvignon, planted in 1999 on a rocky site. Naturally bold and expressive but not too heavy.  This wine ages beautifully over many years but is ready for your table now.

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  • 2017 Carignan - Vincenzo Photo
    2017 Carignan - Vincenzo

    Made from 88 year-old vines, this is one of our favorite varietals to produce.  Bright Cherry and berry flavors that linger with depth and complexity.

    90 Points - Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide

    2020 Rhone Style Wine of The Year - Tom Simoneau - The Wineguy

  • 2017 Syrah - RRV Photo
    2017 Syrah - RRV

    Our original Raison D'Etre... the wine that started it all in 1998.  A lush regional blend to show why we think this area is suited to grow great-tasting Rhone Varietals.

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  • 2017 Syrah -DAKINE Photo
    2017 Syrah -DAKINE

    Our Estate Field Blend Syrah.  The crown Jewel..

  • 2017 Syrah GOOSECHASE Photo
    2017 Syrah GOOSECHASE

    One of the more powerful Syrah's in our stable.  Hailing from a hillside vineyard on the east part of the appellation.

    92 Points - Wine Enthusiast Buying Guide

  • 2018 Syrah - Ledbetter Photo
    2018 Syrah - Ledbetter
  • 2018 Syrah - Savage Coast Photo
    2018 Syrah - Savage Coast

    A wine born in 2013 from an operational mistake and quickly became one of Oded's favorite wines, made only on exceptional years. 95% Syrah with Grenache, Malbec, Carignan and Zin making the balance.

  • 2015 DUKES 42 Blend Photo
    2015 DUKES 42 Blend


    A proprietary Bordeaux blend with a Longboard Twist. Mostly Cabernet with Syrah and Malbec added for complexity and structure.  Only one barrel produced for in exceptional vintages.

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