Special Deals

  • E-Z Three Pack Photo
    E-Z Three Pack

    Perfect lineup as an introduction to Longboard wines. Great for a festive dinner or a gift for someone you love.  A bottle each of the 2019 Watergirl Rose, 2018 Mystos Pinot Noir and 2017 Dakine Syrah.  A great journey for the senses.

    Ground shipping included except for prohibitive states (UT, AK, KY, MS, AL, ND, NH, HI)

  • Intro Three Pack Photo
    Intro Three Pack

    Created for Decanterbury Tales Podcast Fans. An easy way to get introduced to our laid-back every-day wines. A bottle each of our Sauvignon Blanc, Watergirl Rose and Point Break Red Blend. $88 includes the shipping to states we can legally ship to. Think of it as learning to surf in warm, forgiving waters before you progress to higher levels of performance.

  • Syrah to the People six pack Photo
    Syrah to the People six pack

    Three Syrah's, 2 bottles each, of the Russian River Syrah, the DaKine Syrah and the Goosechase Syrah, displaying the great diversity and individual character of locations in our neighborhood. Price includes discount and complimentary shipping.

  • Holiday Three Pack Photo
    Holiday Three Pack

    Start any holiday meal with a glass of bubbly - our Brut Rose, progress to the delicious Mystos Pinot Noir with your first course and the Dakine Syrah for your main dish. A complete experience for someone you love - yourself included!

    Ground shipping included except for prohibitive states (UT, AK, KY, MS, AL, ND, NH, HI)

  • Three
    Three "P's" six pack
    Some of you are hooked on Pinot, we have just the bundle for you. Two single vineyards and a blend of our Russian River Ranches. Normally this would run $394 before taxes. For a limited time, $307 with overnight expedited shipping included!
  • Bord
    Bord "O" six pack

    Three out of the five Bordeaux varieties (2 bottles each) Our Rhino Chaser cabernet sauvignon, our Dakine Merlot and the Mystos Malbec,  all from a great vintage and done in a style that combines power with finesse. A GREAT DEAL! I

    For a limited time, $ 254 with ground shipping included to most states.