Harvest No. 10

A few years before she died, my grandma decided to take a computer class.  I was quite impressed she had the guts to do this but what came out of my mouth was something along the lines of: “Aren’t you too old for this"? Grandma, a crusty, strict, German-Czech holocaust survivor, raised an eyebrow and proceeded to tell me that just because she remembers sitting on her Grandfather’s lap and hearing stories about how he fought against Napoleon does not mean she feels a day older than eighteen internally.

Not that I remember a Napoleonic war or anything… but the next harvest is going to be Longboard’s 10th vintage.  I can sure relate to my Grandma, it seems too soon.  To me, it feels like it was just yesterday that I put aside the airbrush and laminating tools and set off to California to study Enology..  Can it be that Longboard is older than a few months?  I guess it must be as we are now distributed in more than 20 states and a few lucky countries.

As I get closer to being 50 years old, I am slowly becoming my Grandmother… I already have less hair on my head than she did (without the wig) when she hit 85!  The other day I taught my kids how to play a vinyl record on the record player and they taught me a few tricks on downloading music to an iPod.  I had my eyebrow raised even before they mouthed the question and in a heavy German accent I told them: “I Vill spank you if sink I’m too old for ziss!”

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